Best of Paleo 2015

Happy New Year fellow foodies and friend! I am so excited to announce the Best of Paleo 2015 ebook featuring over 192 recipes and close to 500 pages!

When Bill and Hayley of Primal Palate asked me to contribute, I was totally honored and once I saw the final copy, I was completely blown away! The ease of use, creativity of recipes and amount of information (both tasty, sweet and savor and information) to help you kick off your New Year is unprecedented!

These recipes will not only fill your kitchen with color and happiness, but will also give you the necessary tools to make healthy eating a lifestyle choice for the long haul, because resolutions shouldn’t only be for January, they should be for LIFE!

The really cool thing about this eBook, is that it’s totally a portable format and mobile-friendly. Download a copy to your phone, a copy to your tablet, and a copy to your home computer. Need a dinner idea in a hurry? Browse the table of contents to view all of the recipes quickly and easily. Because it’s an interactive PDF document, getting around the eBook is just like getting around a website. A couple clicks takes you where you want to go in the eBook.

I contributed a few of my favorite recipes from the blog (and the ones you all love the most too!), Salted Maple Blondies, Pepperoni Pizza Egg Skillets as well as an exclusive recipe for Chipotle Braised Short Ribs with Bacon Mashed Potatoes.  And let me tell you, these slow cooked, practically makes itself, juicy short ribs are amazing, and the husband agrees, which is always my test for if a recipe works! The Chipotle Braised Short Ribs will only be found in the Best of Paleo ebook, along with exclusive recipes from over 30 of the top Paleo bloggers!

Download YOUR copy of The Best of Paleo today!

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