Better Food Photography: Scrumptious & Styled Sale

Food tells a story—it can tell a story of a joyful moment celebrating a birthday, a quiet moment of contemplation over a morning cup of coffee, a difficult moment of struggle, an adventurous moment of traveling or a beautiful moment of everyday living. Food brings color, taste and energy to life.

But how do you tell this story? How do you capture this moment? How do you share the beauty in front of you with others?

To be honest, I just LOVE food photography, it truly makes me happy, makes me appreciate this beautiful world around us!

If you are a blogger, aspiring food photographer, or just want to take better photos to post on Instagram, this ebook is for you! Every detail from setting up your shot to styling, complimentary colors to editing is covered in Scrumptious and Styled!

Because, apparently leap year only happens once every 4 years, I am celebrating with my biggest sale yet.  Now through Monday February 29th at midnight, all my ebooks including my food photography guide, Scrumptious and Styled will be 40% off! Enter the code “leapyear” at checkout to save 40%!

Download your copy of Scrumptious & Styled: A Complete Guide to Food Photography, Styling and Making your Plate Come to Life.

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