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Do you ever just feel like you need a big life change? Now I am not just talking about changing up your morning routine or your favorite brand of running shoes (although both of those would be big changes for me), I am talking about a life change—a change in direction, a change in your […]

We’re back beautiful! And we are so excited! We’ve missed our Monday podcast dates with you, but it was a nice break for both of us and we hope for you as well. Summer is a time for creating memories, basking in the sunlight celebrating togetherness with family and friends and that is exactly what […]

{this post is long, but if you are going to read it, please read till the end so you can get the whole picture and my true heart!} I pulled up in front of my husband’s ship picking him up from work with tears in my eyes.  I attempted to wipe them away and shove […]

I tend to be that person that falls in love with a meal or flavor and just eats it on repeat for a few weeks! Well, last week was one of those weeks, where pesto and simplicity where calling my name and something magical came together. Truth be told, as much as I love cooking, […]

Truth be told, I used to not enjoy makeup at all—both putting it on and taking it off.  Ok full disclosure, I remember one time in college my sister told me to invest in some makeup remover.  Yes, I have come a long way…thankfully! Makeup was such a process, and I liked the way it […]

A grain-free and gluten-free pizza crust topped with juicy summer peaches, fresh basil pesto and creamy burrata for a healthy slice of comfort food. We just got home to Spain from the East Coast and my oh my, jet lag is hitting me hard this time.  Maybe it is because I am almost one year […]