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This has been a big post on my mind for about a year now, and I finally took the time to put it all together for you in continuation with February’s theme of “Living with Intention!” I have been truly convicted recently of choosing to support more ethical, fair-trade brands.  When I use the word […]

Gluten-free and grain-free chorizo breakfast tacos topped with a creamy, slightly spicy chipotle Hollandaise sauce to satisfy your taco shop cravings made simply in the comforts of your own home. It’s no lie that breakfast foods are the way to my heart, but Mexican breakfast foods on the slightly spicer side are forever the way to […]

  Our first fitness focused podcast episode (wow, try saying that 3 times fast!) is up and it’s a good one! In today’s episode we chat with the incredibly real and insanely beautiful Rachel Doell of Daily Routine Fitness about making fitness and movement a part of your everyday routine and the real challenges that come along […]

A low carb and gluten free Greek pizza loaded with all your favorite toppings! If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know that pizza is my all time favorite food, ok well along with cheese, steak and eggs.  I often joke with my husband and friends that my dying wish is […]

Show your skin & face some love this Valentine’s Day and treat yourself! I can’t think of a better way to treat yourself and show your skin a bit of love than with some safe, natural spa and makeup items! Sharing my favorite bath salts for a relaxing evening at home & my favorite lip […]

In today’s episode, we’re diving into a topic that we consider the “ultimate form of preventative health” — preconception nutrition!  This episode is one of my favorites so far. It’s serious, it’s deep, it’s encouraging and it has the potential to be life changing for those in this beautiful stage of life.  No, this isn’t […]

Combining two classic desserts into one delicious cheesecake bite with a double layer of chocolate chip cookie dough and a luscious brownie topping! Combining two classic desserts with a double layer of chocolate chip cookie dough and a luscious brownie topping! Since we have been in Spain, my husband who never eats dessert out anymore, has been eyeing these […]

Winter Book Club Reading List It is a gloomy, rainy day here and I am snuggled up working from home per usual.  This year, I made a goal of “Netflix-ing” less and reading more, trust me I still love my TV shows to relax at night, but I think so much beauty and inspiration can […]

For Valentine’s my husband and I usually opt for dinner at home or a date day.  Since he travels so much, we never actually celebrate Valentine’s on the 14th, but we always take the time to enjoy a special day or moment with each other .  We love going to a lazy breakfast out, followed by a massage […]

Chicken alfredo of your dreams—a simple, cozy and healthy dinner to make together! This grain and gluten free garlic chicken alfredo has quickly become a favorite dinner in our house and one we love to make together.  Truth be told Stephen and I would rather make dinner together than go out on Valentine’s day.  We both absolutely […]

  We often talk about real food, healthy life swaps like using spaghetti squash instead of wheat based pastas or cauliflower “rice” instead of the regular stuff. If you have been listening to the podcast regularly, chances are you’ve got these hacks down pat.  In today’s episode we wanted to get a little more specific, yet very […]

Yesterday, I debuted February’s theme of “Living with Intention” and I excited to continue talking about making intentional choices with today’s post of healthy travel snacks and essential beauty items to carry in your limited suitcase size! We have officially been in our house for 3 weeks now, although we absolutely love it so much, […]