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Cozy up for your daily dose of healthy living, better beauty tips and delicious recipes! Here at Flourish you will be encouraged to live your best possible self and learn to balance conscious living with grace. Coffee, tea or champagne anyone?

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Hey there, I'm Caroline!
Grab a cup of coffee, tea or bubbly and cozy up for a behind-the-scenes look at how I balance healthy with a whole lot of grace...and yum!

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Photography by Erica Carrion I hesitated writing this post, because I feel like I am not glamorous enough and for sure don’t have the perfect luscious locks to be writing a post about hair. But I can tell you this, in just a few short months my hair has tripled in thickness, feels soft like […]

To be completely honest with you all, I am a hard sell—it truly takes a lot for me to really get excited about a product.  Well, this new Brightening + Vitamin C line from Beautycounter blew me out of the water! Last month, my pre-sale box of Beautycounter’s new line Beautycounter+ line arrived and let […]

The best all natural deodorant that actually works and can have a big impact on your hormones and health! Let me tell you the story of a girl about a year ago—or more this girl’s trashcan.  Well, you see, a little over a year ago I was completely exhausted and burn-out in life, totally trying […]

  Exactly a year ago, I was pretty miserable in life—feeling so scattered, completely exhausted and lacking the passion that normally bubbles out of my joyful self! I knew I had to make some changes in my work schedule, my personal life and my health, specifically cutting a lot of toxins out of my home […]

Yesterday, I debuted February’s theme of “Living with Intention” and I excited to continue talking about making intentional choices with today’s post of healthy travel snacks and essential beauty items to carry in your limited suitcase size! We have officially been in our house for 3 weeks now, although we absolutely love it so much, […]

With the dry season upon us, I wanted to provide some safe, non-toxic options to nourish your skin and shine from the inside out.  The cold weather can be very harsh on your skin, but so can most conventional beauty products—filled with chemicals, heavy metals and toxins that can only cause further damage, both to your […]

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