Confidently You: Swimsuit Season with YOUR Glamour and Grace

Hey, hey there swimsuit season! Living in Hawaii means swimsuit season is pretty much all the time season, but I know for many of you, the bikinis and way-too-pale skin is coming out to shine this time of year!

If you listened to this week’s podcast episode “Confidently Prepping for Swimsuit Season” you will know that is the theme of this week! Holly and I had SUCH a fun time recording that episode and we truly hope it inspires you.  YOU bring so much more to life than just a reflection in the mirror and that is the spirit I am embracing this summer, because let’s face it…my figure is not its 16 year old self anymore!

This year, I am purposefully choosing to rock swimsuit season with my own personal glamour and grace! So who is with me?!

For me, it is all about balance because life is too short not to enjoy the occasional scoop of homemade ice cream or honey lime margaritas from my cookbook!  But here’s the deal, I encourage you to use this time to motivate yourself by what you do see in the mirror.  If you know in your heart you could make some healthier life choices, workout more often and shape up your figure a bit, DO IT!  I have found that when I know I have made every effort to be healthy while still enjoying life, I feel that much more confident in my own skin!

Sharing a few of my favorite summer swim suits as well as fun things like pink flamingo floaties, because my friends and I are currently obsessed!

Happy sunny days!

Swimsuit | Coverup | Hat | Sunnies | Sandals

Sun Screen

*For more information on how to have safe sun protection and why most sunscreens are quite harmful to your health, read my post “The Importance of Sunshine” HERE!



You Know You Want a Floatie

Towels and Things

Rocking the One Piece

My Favorite Swimsuits

Sunnies & Hats

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