Everyday Grain Free Eats Challenge

Welcome to Colorful Eats’ Everyday Grain Free Eats! For the next month, I will be blogging everyday, sharing recipes, menu inspiration, my daily eats, favorite brands, shopping lists and of course plenty of pictures to go along! There will be giveaways, stories and of course probably some ramblings form me 🙂

It will be a challenge—a fun challenge and a rewarding one too! A challenge for you and a challenge for me. I have wanted to do this for a while and since its a new year, here we go! I want to give you a peak inside my daily routine and the way I eat, but also support you all in this lifestyle of healthy eating.  This will be a fun challenge full of creativity, a whole lot of yum and absolutely no guilt involved—because eating should bring joy and health!

So stick around, follow only through my newsletter and on Instagram and be sure to check back Monday, January 5th for the first recipe!  I have some exciting giveaways coming so make sure you are following my newsletter as well as Instagram for the updates.  Also check out my post on 10 tips for making healthy eating a daily lifestyle.

Film Photography by Amber Schoniwitz Film Photography by Amber Schoniwitz

Colorful Eats’ Everyday Grain Free Eats

Challenge: Eat one meal each day that is grain free. By all means, please eat more than one meal that is grain free!  But the purpose is to swap a meal, get creative, and make it grain free.  

So, if you were normally going to eat eggs and bacon for breakfast, a meal thats naturally grain free, you need to choose a different meal to replace and make grain free. For example, if lunch normally consists of a sandwich and dinner means noodles, choose to make those meals grain free.  Yes, there is a difference between gluten free and grain free, which we will eventually get to, but the challenge is to do it completely grain free!

This is designed to be a simple, practical way for you to introduce grain free foods into your everyday meals.  For example, if you love spaghetti and meatballs, try spaghetti squash and meatballs!  If breakfast normally consists of yogurt and granola, try grain free granola.

By making one change per day, I hope you are able to actively see a difference in how the food you eat effects your daily life—everything from sleep to energy levels, from digestion to immunity.  I hope that you realize the difference eating real food makes and that encourages you to make changes in your diet.

A no guilt challenge

I feel sometimes there is so much guilt involved with eating—we stress ourselves out to be perfect and get very discouraged when we can’t meet our expectations.  We eat perfectly healthy for a few days, then give up and bing on cookies and frozen pizzas.  To me, there isn’t really a point in eating healthy or following some super strict diet, if after a few weeks we are going to go back to our old ways.  I want to make it practical for you!  Well I certainly hope to encourage you to eat grain and gluten free all the time—and I guarantee that you will feel so much better, you naturally will want to eat this way!

I don’t strive for perfection, because I can never be perfect, but I do want to be the best version of myself! Listen to your body and how foods and stress reacts with you personally.  Don’t get too caught up in trying to be perfect or adhere to some strict diet plan, just do the best you can!

My Hope

I want to show that eating grain free can be simple and practical for everyday life, but at the same time I don’t want you to stress, because that defeats the point!

How can I participate?

I will be posting 1 recipe or recipe concept each day on Colorful Eats—Monday thru Friday for the next 4 weeks.  Recipes will range from grain free pizza, slow cooked roasts, banana pancakes or just simple concepts like how to make egg scrambles in the morning without a recipe or how to make dinner without a recipe.

How to follow along

Share your journey and recipes that you make on Instagram using the hashtags #colorfuleats #grainfreeeats (yes thats 3 E’s oh my!).

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