Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Military Spouse Appreciation Day by Colorful Eats

Photography by Amber Schoniwitz

As a military spouse, there is nothing I love more than supporting my husband and fellow military spouses.  I am not going to lie—this life we live is one grand, difficult, exciting and amazing adventure all at once! I have loved the adventure and watched my relationship with my husband grow stronger than I ever thought was possible, but at the same time there are difficult days!

As a spouse, I often say that when the hubby is gone, I go into superwoman mode.  I even have a phrase that “everything is figure-out-able” because most often that’s just how it is when I am home alone.  And yes, Libby, my golden retriever, truly is my sidekick!

I have found that taking care of myself, staying busy and pursuing my passions as a creative entrepreneur allows me to encourage my husband better in his job and thus allowed both of us to serve our country better!  A huge part of why I believe I have functioned so well with a lot of time apart is by pursuing my passions and building up my business.  It has been amazing to watch my husband encourage me from afar as well as when he is home and for that I am eternally thankful!

I truly am so thankful for the opportunity to have a job that I can take with me wherever the Navy sends us!

Beautycounter + Review by Colorful Eats

The spouses and children on the home front are a HUGE part of the team and today—I want to celebrate with YOU!

So to celebrate military spouse appreciation day and the amazing accomplishments of spouses all over the world, I want to treat YOU!  For military members and spouses, with any Beautycounter purchase through Sunday, you will get one free full size Beautycounter item, because I firmly believe that self care allows you to serve, love and live better!

1.) Free Beautycounter + item to any active duty and/or activity duty military spouse with a Beautycounter purchase of any size/amount.  Simply forward me ( your order confirmation and what command you are stationed with currently!


2.) If you are not in the military, but have a friend in the military and want to love on them, simply purchase $50 or more of Beautycounter items and I will send your friend a Beautycounter + item!  Simply forward me ( your order confirmation with your friend’s current command and shipping address.

Ends Sunday, May 14th at midnight Pacific time.

Also, if you want to have a job that you can take with you, be sure to check out Beautycounter’s consultant opportunity and “take the job with you” where ever the military sends you!  As always, message me with any questions!



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