Moving Sale

Hey-ho, let’s go!

We are moving to Spain, well the Navy is transferring us there!!!! Eekk, we have known for about a year now and the anticipation has been killing us!! It was always my dream to live in Europe after college, but then I married my amazing husband, so it is so cool to see this dream come true finally, but even better because I will be with my better half!

For the next 4-5 months, I will be traveling between the east and west coast while my husband goes to months of school and all of our belongings get shipped! The military has truly taught me that home is not a set of walls, but rather a feeling of laughter and togetherness.  So home is really wherever you make it!

But to celebrate, I am having a huge moving sale for you all!  All sales end Sunday (8/28) at 9pm Pacific!

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