My 5 Minute Better Beauty Makeup Routine


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10 Ways to Freshen Up for Summer

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Healthy Hair Tips

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How to Make Cole Slaw


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This episode was so exciting for us to record and we are thrilled to share it with you today! Joining us today is the passionate, clean living expert behind our favorite cleaning product brand, Allison Evans of Branch Basics! On today’s episode, Allison shares her story of healing and how she went from meds, countless […]

Stress is inevitable, but what if we could make seasons of stress more tolerable? Approaching them with more energy, grace and better health. Just like seasons in nature, our own lives have times of rest and times of grow, adventure and hardships and we believe that it’s what we do within these different seasons that […]

Today, I am having to majorly “practice what I preach.”  If you have read my post on thyroid issues and how I gained 12 pounds recently (the most heart-felt and emotional I have ever got in public), you will know a bit of the back story. Well a month into working on my thyroid issues […]

You will fall in love with today’s episode with the bubbly and endearing Meredyth Cann of Meredyth Delayne Nutrition.  Meredyth is a fellow NTP and in our words, “She’s just our people.” We absolutely adore her take on nutrition and healthy living and know she’ll be a light in your day. On today’s episode, Meredyth […]

Sharing my real and honest journey as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and why I am so thankful for this training and passion I get to call a job! In a matter of less than a year (more like a few months), I got engaged, planned a wedding in 8 weeks, married a man who exceeded […]

Today we are sharing our thoughts and feelings on slowing down, what we believe may just be the new hustle, creating more time and space for the things we love and being more productive because of it. There’s a movement toward slowing down and we really like it. It’s something we’ve both been working toward […]