My 5 Minute Better Beauty Makeup Routine


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10 Ways to Freshen Up for Summer

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Healthy Hair Tips

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How to Make Cole Slaw


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Society often tells us that everything is black or white.  Life is either hustle, hustle, pour me another round of coffee or yoga, spa days and beach vacations.  I’m learning this just isn’t reality.  Somewhere in the midsts of these two extremes, we have lost the balance and in the process, I think we have […]

On my morning walk-run with the pup today, I felt so refreshed, so alive, so energetic, more so than I ever have before.  I also felt at peace, at peace with allowing my self to sleep in this morning and at peace for not checking my inbox first thing when I wake up. The past […]

Happy Monday and welcome back to another episode of the Colorful Eats podcast! We are so excited to have on a very special guest, Blair Staky, the brains and beauty behind the lifestyle and fashion blog, the Fox and She. We loved the shift we saw in her blog, sharing her new found passion for […]

How to make Brazil nut milk resulting in creamiest dairy-free nut milk  that actually sort of tastes like real milk PLUS why adding Brazil nuts to your diet might make a huge difference in your thyroid health. Truth be told, I have never been a big fan of most nut milks.  They always taste a […]

Do you ever just feel like you need a big life change? Now I am not just talking about changing up your morning routine or your favorite brand of running shoes (although both of those would be big changes for me), I am talking about a life change—a change in direction, a change in your […]

We’re back beautiful! And we are so excited! We’ve missed our Monday podcast dates with you, but it was a nice break for both of us and we hope for you as well. Summer is a time for creating memories, basking in the sunlight celebrating togetherness with family and friends and that is exactly what […]