Lessons Learned from Living in Spain

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Why You Should Switch to Natural Deodorant


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Grain-Free Avocado Toast 4 Ways


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Stop the Glorification of Busy


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Simple tips for spring cleaning your pantry and creating a healthy, delicious gluten-free pantry! When we moved to Spain a few months ago, I had to start all over with my pantry! Building a grain-free and gluten-free pantry does take a little bit of time and intention, but in all honesty it isn’t all that […]

The perfect warm weather salad, this Spring Strawberry Cobb Salad is rich with color, texture and flavor! I will totally admit I for sure need to eat more green things in my life.  Whenever the hubby goes to the store I always ask him to get something green, and he laughs and says grass-fed steak […]

Today is the first day of spring and we thought this was the perfect time of year to talk about detox since most of us have the natural urge to purge the junk in their lives and take on the new season with a healthier flare this time of year. What do you think about […]

Let me tell you the story of a girl about a year ago—or more this girl’s trashcan.  Well, you see, a little over a year ago I was completely exhausted and burn-out in life, totally trying to find my passion once again.  I knew a lot of this was hormonal and stress related and knew […]

Creamy, refreshing dairy free mint chocolate chip ice cream sweetened with raw honey and zero guilt!   There truly must have been some “luck of the Irish” involved with this recipe! I mean, baking and cooking and finding the right ingredients since moving to Spain has been quite the adventure.  Maybe thats why I have […]

Thank you to Primally Pure for sponsoring this week’s episode.  Head over to Primallypure.com for the BEST and absolutely effective 100% natural deodorant and more! Today we have on the beautiful Tori Wesszer of Fraiche Nutrition, a Registered Dietitian, wife and mama extraordinaire. As a mom of two little guys, Tori is no stranger to the […]