Why I Love Using Essential Oils

Ohhhhhhh this post has been a long time in the works! Whenever I share something new, I am always scared a bit that I am going to get a bad reaction, but you all constantly blow me away with your emails and sweet comments saying that you love when I share things like this, so here goes!

Using essential oils on the regular is nothing new to me—I grew up this way.  Had a fever or a cold and my mom immediately put us in an essential oil bath.  My mom is totally a wanna be hippie, but at the same time the classiest, fine china & Jackie-O dress type of lady.  Yes, I always joke I am a classy wanna be hippie too, so thanks Mom!

I recently have opened up about my struggles of dealing with chronic, debilitating migraines, horrible women’s cramps and the ups and downs of living with blood sugar issues.

For me, a healthy diet will always be the foundation, but that is just the starting point and your overall health is so much more than just the food you eat!  Recently, I have loved sharing more about the natural skin & beauty products I use, developing inner confidence with some fashion posts and encouraging you all to spend time outside soaking up the sunshine.

So today, I am sharing the fabulous success I have had incorporating essential oils into my daily routine!  Honestly, I wish you all could see the excitement on my face because this has made the biggest difference in my life of the past year!!

{Please note, this is me sharing personal experience only and not designed to prevent, treat or cure any health issue.}

Why Essential Oils as Nature’s Perfect Medicine

1.) Essential oils are really nature’s oldest form of medicine—they go way back to ancient times, long before the days of doctors or drug stores.  So, as I like to say, something that has been around for that long is probably here to stay!

2.) As a nutritionist, it is my desire to meet people where they are and encourage them to work towards creating a healthier lifestyle.  Quite often people don’t want to change their diet completely, and you know what I am ok with that, but I have found that essential oils are something people are willing to try and once they realize how much of an impact they have on their daily health and routine, they might be more open to changing their eating habits too!

My goal is always to encourage people to take steps in the right direction whatever that may look like for each person!

3.) They work!!!! I can’t tell you how many times a week I have texted my husband or said a major thank you prayer of “these oils actually work!”  Days when I can feel a migraine come on, or nights when my husband is away and I can’t sleep or the many times my blood sugar complications get the best of me, I am thankful for some natural relief that actually works!

4.) Essential oils are natural!  Especially with migraines and horrible period cramps, I found myself going through a lot of prescription pain killers and I really didn’t like that, but after hours of sobbing in pain, there were times I needed some relief!  But, I also know the tremendous strain this puts on my liver and without a properly detoxified liver, that in turn can actually cause more migraines and monthly cramps, so I was caught in this vicious circle!

Knowing that I am helping myself naturally puts me at ease both physically and emotionally, so that is something I am so thankful for!

I encourage you to do your own research on the subject because there is a lot of information out there, I simply can’t contain my excitement in finally finding some natural relief and hope this encourages you all too!

Some of my personal favorite ways to use essential oils daily

  • For migraine relief— I rub a few drops of peppermint and frankincense on the base of my neck and temples at the immediate onset of a migraine.  I also always keep a tension blend roller bottle by my bed side and in my purse to rub into my tight shoulders each night!
  • For women’s issues/monthly cramps—I rub the women’s blend on my stomach at the onset of cramps, and I usually can feel it take them away in minutes.  I have gone from crying in pain for hours on end to being able to relax and sit on the couch and work with just the help of this oil, as well as the detox ones below, because women’s issues and detox go hand in hand!
  • For daily detox—I have a bottle of lemon oil right by my water filter and rub a drop on my feet each morning when I come downstairs.  Your feet tend to absorb oils really well, so this is just a simple habit I have gotten into!
  • For sleep—I use the tension blend on my shoulders as well as diffuse lavender.  I have a horrible time sleeping when my husband is gone as well as epic nightmares and this does the trick!  Sleep is so important and now that I can sleep when he is gone, I am a million times more productive all day long!
  • For balancing blood sugar—I have been using cinnamon oil to balance blood sugar for a while now! I also use a combination of wild orange, grapefruit and serenity blend to help calm my emotions as so much of blood sugar balance goes deeper than just food!
  • Laundry soap: In efforts to clean up the products that touch my skin, like my makeup bag, I also changed my laundry soap and honestly notice a difference in my skin.  I didn’t realize that even my more natural soap was seeping into my bath towels and pillow cases and affecting my skin, especially my face.  I love that they make a ready to use laundry soap because I am not a DIY type person!

I would LOVE to share more with you to help YOU!

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