I love all things colorful. I love pink tulips and eating spoonfuls of whipped cream. I believe that steak is its own food group and butter belongs on everything. My golden retriever is my side kick.

In the afternoons, chances are I am probably drinking a cappuccino and in the evenings I am already dreaming of what to eat for breakfast. I am a really bad singer, but love to have dance parties in the car. I believe that laughter and Netflix nights can fix almost anything. At my house the door is open, wine is red and coffee is pipping hot.

Did I mention I love to eat, cook and take pretty pictures of my food?! Well, yes I do!

My love of cooking began at an early age, helping my dad make his famous Christmas morning cinnamon rolls and learning to bake bread with my grandmother.

However, at the age of 20, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Completely miserable, I discovered a grain-free and Paleo way of eating and I have never looked back! With my diagnosis I was scared beyond belief, that the foods I once loved, I would never eat again. So I set out to recreate them without grains, gluten, and refined sugars. Finding passion in food photography and recipe creation has allowed me to once again enjoy the foods I love!

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and stay awhile!