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A Guide to Picking the Different Types of Women’s Apple Watch bands

Apple Watchbands are one of the most important pieces of technology in a woman’s wardrobe. They help keep your Apple Watch looking new and stylish, and they can also be used as accessories. Here are 5 tips on choosing the perfect band for your Apple Watch.

Get a band that fits your style and size.

If you’re looking for a band that fits your style and size, you’ll want to try out a few different types of apple watch bands. Apple offers a variety of styles and sizes of bands, so you can find the perfect fit for your Apple Watch. You also have the option to buy an Apple Watch band in multiple colors, so there’s something for everyone.

Different Types of Women's Apple Watch bands

Look for a band that is durable and easy to clean.

One of the most important things to consider when picking an Apple Watch band is durability. Ensure the band is made from durable materials that can handle being wet or sweaty. Also, be sure to check for a band that is easy to clean. Many Apple Watchbands come with a cleaning cloth and/or an “o-ring” included so that you can easily clean your watch.

Choose a band that has a strong clasp.

One of the most important things to look for when choosing a band for your Apple Watch is that it has a strong clasp. Ensure the band has a clasp that is durable and easy to remove. You don’t want to take your watch apart to change the band.

Find a band that is stylish and unique.

When it comes to finding the perfect Apple Watch band, you want to make sure that it is stylish and unique. There are a variety of bands on the market that are designed for different types of Apple Watches. If you’re not sure what type of band your Apple Watch needs, take a look at our guide on how to find the right band for your watch.

Compare different types of Apple Watchbands to find the perfect one for you.

When looking for an Apple Watchband, it’s important to compare different bands to find the perfect one for you. There are various band styles for the Apple Watch, and you’ll want to find one that is comfortable and stylish. You can also choose a band with a buckle, so it’s easy to put on and take off. Some bands feature multiple colors, so you can ensure that your Apple Watch will look its best.


With so many different Apple Watch bands on the market, it can be hard to find the perfect one for you. So don’t go any further and shop for your Apple Watch band today. Choose the Best Apple Watch Bands for Women Here by following this detailed guide, you can find the perfect band for your style and size, and more importantly, for your Apple Watch.

4 Simple Daily Steps to a Healthier YOU

Back to Basics: 4 Simple Daily Steps to a Healthier YOU

Before life gets all pumpkin spiced, I wanted to take a minute to get back to the basics. I remember as a little girl, getting so excited for a new school year. New books, classes, and new opportunities to learn—yes, I have always been a bit of a nerd.

Sometimes however I feel like we live in an information overload period of history. Life can be overwhelming sometimes—faced with a million decisions and countless paths to take.

So today, I am keeping it simple. Living a healthy life requires intention, a willingness to change and experiment, and dedication to always keep the big picture in mind.

I wanted to share a few “back to basics” principles that I practice everyday, and ones that I have seen a HUGE difference in my health, my joy and my energy each day.

4 Simple Daily Steps to a Healthier YOU

4 simple daily steps to a healthier YOU

Intentionally Choose A Positive Mindset

So much happens each day that is out of our control—hurricanes, war, negativity, stress, deadlines, toxins, etc. But choosing our reaction and choosing our mindset to approach those situations is in fact very much IN our control.

Negative thoughts lower your energy and will take that much more energy, aka stress on your adrenal glands, to bring you back up. If your health is already in a weakened state or you are in a state of adrenal fatigue, negativity can REALLY bring you down.

Your goals, attitude, fear of failure or success and the community you choose to keep all influence your mindset. Ultimately it requires YOU intentionally choosing how you are going to react to each situation. Choosing joy in each situation and choosing to find the silver lining, no matter how bad things may seem at the time, is a choice only YOU can make.

I have the words “choose joy” tattooed on my wrist for a reason—to remind myself that when life seems to be crumbling and there seems to be no good way out, it is up to me to choose joy, to keep persevering, to stay positive despite everything in my body telling me the opposite.

It takes intention to stay positive, and trust me it is NOT always easy, but with time and purposeful dedication, each time you are faced with a choice, it becomes that much easier to choose the road of positivity and grace.

Just Eat Fresh Foods

I am often overwhelmed with the dogma, the restriction, the negativity associated with food and nutrition. How do we really know what to eat and what not to eat and more importantly how do we allow something like pursuing a healthy way of life not consume our every action?

Searching for healthy can quickly become a negative if we allow it. But in eating real food, the way God designed the food, and the foods that nourish our cells and bodies, there is freedom.

Now, each person is unique and finding what works for you, your underlying health issues and your lifestyle is the best form of nutrition. But there are a few basic principles that are in fact true!

Eating real, fresh, whole foods is the one principle that never wavers. If you recognize the ingredients—think butter should just be cream and salt or eggs should just be, well eggs—then you are going to be eating healthy foods. Think about it, we are obsessed with reading nutrition labels and ingredients, but the world’s healthiest foods do not come with labels—sweet potatoes, beef, cream, spinach, almonds are all just their own ingredients.

That is what I mean by real, fresh, whole foods—foods as they are properly found in nature, without additives, sugars, toxins or pumped with hormones. Cows are designed to eat grass, so grass-fed beef should be “normal” (sadly it isn’t, but grass-fed beef would be a fresh, whole food).

Look for foods that will only last a few days or even a week. Eat foods without packaging or labels. Eat foods in their original form and you will be on the road to health!

Purposefully Slow Down

Slowing down isn’t about going on vacation or sleeping in on the weekends, it is about allowing rest and grace, not hustle, to permeate every aspect of your life. It is about making rest apart of your everyday practice, not just something you do in yoga class on Saturday mornings.

It is about intentionally choosing how you spend your time, what lights you up and carefully curating your top priorities.

You see, our adrenal glands control our stress response, but this issue is we have constant stressors and stimulation today. Even just being on your phone can sometimes be perceived by the body as a stress. We need to give our bodies room to breathe, to tap into our inner creativity, to detox naturally and to rest.

Just like your iPhone will eventually run out of battery, your body will eventually say enough and collapse unless you plug it into the charger daily. How can you purposefully plan your day and priorities to allow for times of rest?

Trust me, I believe in the hustle and believe in working hard and chasing our dreams, but we can’t do all that unless our bodies are fully functioning. Sometimes that means choosing rest over hustle.

5 Minute Safe, Non-Toxic Minimalistic Makeup Routine for the Better Beauty BabeEliminate Toxins Where You Can

Sadly, we live in a toxic world, which is the good and bad result of this modern era. We can’t freakout and go hid on the top of a mountain, but we can choose to eliminate toxins where we can. Choosing glass storage containers over plastics, safe laundry soap, deodorant and makeup will make a profound difference in our daily functioning.

Why? Because toxins interrupt our endocrine, neurological, reproductive and immune systems all of which are very important to every day functioning. These toxins can wreck havoc on our bodies, stimulating allergies, learning disabilities, thyroid dysfunction, PMS symptoms and adrenal fatigue.

What may seem like a simple step in choosing organic sheets, all natural deodorant, or heavy metal free lip stick, matters to you but also to your future!

bomber jacket

Create Men’s Fashion Characteristics with the Help of Bomber Jackets

Are you wondering what the fuss is when it comes to bomber jackets? Well, this is an excellent piece of attire that looks great and also keeps you warm. It is one piece of outfit that will not run out of fashion, and the best part is that it is easy to get a product that you can wear in all seasons. Bomber jackets can be worn by both men and women and in various colors. However, this post will talk about black Men’s bomber jackets.


What is the origin of Bomber Jackets?


Bomber jackets gained popularity during the first world war as fighter pilots used them to shield them from the cold of the open cockpit jets. However, bomber jackets quickly became a favorite of the regular folks, and they became a symbol of many popular cultures. Another reason why the bomber jacket became popular was how easy it is to match with various attires to achieve desired looks.


bomber jacket


Can Be Worn For Any Occasion


Imagine having an outfit that you can wear for various occasions. Whether it is a casual Friday in the office, you are going to a party, attending a meeting, or just meeting with your friends, and you want to make a fashion statement, this is the best option for you to use. Note that with this attire, you can be sure that you will look great. The best part is that it can be worn with almost any piece of cloth you have and still look great. Also, since black is a standard shade, you will not have to worry about clashing your outfits.


Can be Paired With Various Colors


One of the main reasons most people prefer black-colored clothes is that they are pairable with a number of colors to fit several styles—a black bomber jacket paired with a white T-shirt to produce a stylish casual look.


Suppose you are a lover of all black, A black bomber jacket paired with a black T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and sneakers for a casual look. However, if you are going for a business casual look, you can pair your black bomber jacket with a striped undershirt.


Simple to Wear


The other reason getting a black Men’s Bomber Jacket is the better idea is simple to wear. A bomber jacket is not a complex jacket and has various designs that make it difficult for you to know how to pair it. Even if you do not know how to style it or go for a simple look, all you need is to get a great pair of jeans and a t-shirt and sneakers. Then, put the jacket on top and transform a simple look into a fashion statement.




It does not matter if you are looking for a jacket to drape during the fall or the winter; you cannot go wrong when choosing a bomber jacket. The jacket looks great and is wearable no matter the season. The best part is that these jackets have nylon covering that makes it possible to withstand dirt, wind, and water. So it does not matter the season; you are good to go when you have the jacket on. When you have this jacket, you can go about your outdoor activities with no worries.


Stand Out


At times, you need an outfit that will stand out from the crowd, and if that is the case, you should consider investing in a bomber jacket. These jackets are an excellent option for people who are living in cold weather. In addition, they look great, and you can be confident when you wear them, then you will stand out from the crowd. The best part about this outfit is that it is warm without being bulky. In addition, it looks luxurious without being too heavy in the pocket.


Enjoy Comfort


When getting a black men’s bomber jacket, it is important to ensure that you get the one that fits you. When you get the right size, you will enjoy the comfort of wearing the bomber jacket. These jackets are great to wear since they are soft on the skin and make you feel great. If you are searching for a jacket that looks and feels great, this is the product you can get. Enjoy showing off a classic look while you feel great and comfortable. When you are comfortable, you will also feel confident.




Bomber jackets can be paired with a number of outfits to make bold fashion statements. However, black stands out the most, especially for men’s fashion of all the colors you can find a bomber jacket. A black Mens Bomber Jacket is pairable with almost all brown, gold, beige, and green which are popularly associated with masculinity.


It is important to get the black Mens Bomber Jacket made of quality material with all this in mind. If you choose a great product, you are sure that you will get a jacket that will serve you for a long time. Get a quality jacket, and no matter how you style it, you will look great. The best part is that there are a variety of options you can wear. You can choose to get one that is draped, stylized for you to rock on. You can choose a jacket that is preppy, vintage, or sheer and end up looking great.

bathroom style

Stylish bathroom design guide

Choosing a stylish bathroom design requires the right resources which offer a beautiful and functional space. Unfortunately, if you get the design wrongful, you might end up with an impractical shower faucet set, sinks, and other components, which you might need to redo again. A stylish bathroom is minimalistic, oozes your personality, and is spacious. These are stylish bathroom tips you can adopt at home.


Go For Geometric Shapes


Stylish bathroom designs consist of straight lines, geometric shapes, and natural colors. It would be better to go with modern bathroom cabinet fixtures, sinks, and shower faucets. You may create a focal point with a modern chair at the corner and go for neutral color patterns. You can find simple bathroom taps, mirrors, shower faucets, and other accessories in stores and online shops. Go for freestanding bathtubs, modern accessories, black and white colors, stones and wood, and plant and greenery.


Stylish Minimalistic Design


A minimalistic design is simplistic, and you would need to get rid of excess accessories you don’t need in a bathroom. Keep the bathroom tidy by storing the accessories and personal care products outside the bathroom. A simplistic bathroom offers an ambient and relaxing space.


bathroom design guide


Go for modern cabinets


Modern designs take angular lines instead of curvilinear forms in sanitary ware elements and cabinets. The ceramics and floor tiles should also be rectangular or square-shaped instead of circular shapes. It is also better to go for symmetrical shapes and sizes in your bathroom.


Stylish Bathroom Materials


Go for bathroom materials that meet your personality. For instance, if you enjoy a minimalistic design, you can opt for a natural material such as stone and wood. The most preferred materials for a minimalistic bathroom include marble stones and wood coverings. Hardwoods like teak are hardy and long-lasting, and they would go well with a minimalistic bathroom. You may add few green herbs to add color to your minimalistic bathroom.


However, you can incorporate colors that meet your personality, and you would go for ceramics and good color themes. A bright to cool color scheme for most bathroom accessories can add personality to your space. You can opt for a color pattern similar to the rest of the house decorations.


Stylish Bathroom Sinks


Alternatives like pedestals and vessel sinks are features of a stylish bathroom design. You should pay attention to the shape and material, as they should complement the other bathroom features. You can create a high-quality look and stylish design with a wooden or stone sink. Incorporate towel racks over the bathroom sinks and go for neutral colors or color patterns that bring out your personality.


Choose Stylish Bathroom Accessories


If you are going for a minimalistic, stylish bathroom, you will go for colors, shapes, and materials which bring harmony. You can go for a mirror that runs from the ceiling to the floor or modern wall décor.


White and gray towels create a minimalistic and sophisticated look, but colored towels and mirror frames bring out your personality.


Open Plan Bathroom


You can incorporate the open plan design into your stylish bathroom. The open plan design has a shower faucet set separated by transparent glass. The whole bathroom should have the same floor material, and design and the rest of the shower section should have visual integrity. The open plan creates an illusion of a stylish, more expansive, and spacious bathroom.


bathroom design guide


Functional Zones


Create functional zones within the bathroom depending on your lifestyle. It would be best to consider the plumbing, drains, and ventilation when creating the functional zones.


  • Vanity


Vanity is a piece of bathroom storage. You can create it in the form of furniture, countertop, sink, or mirror. You can incorporate the vanity for homes with large families and young children.


  • Tub and shower combination


Although the shower and tub combination is an old setup, it is still trendy. You can save some space with a shower over the tub as the design is functional. You can also install the spa shower in your bathroom if the bathroom is spacious and allows that much space.


  • The toilet


The toilet is an inseparable part of a stylish bathroom design. However, it should not be the focal point of the bathroom. The toilet should be strategically placed to improve ease of use while maintaining a glamorous design.


Tips for a Great Bathroom Design


  • Know the number of users


The number of people who will use the bathroom can guide designers as it dictates several factors. For instance, the number of people determines the area sinks, storage, and other bathroom essentials.


  • Plan storage


Understand the supplies users would need in a bathroom, including linen, towel, soap, and other bathroom accessories. The designer should know the user preferences before developing a specific design.


  • Create enough space


Even if the bathroom users are fewer, it would be better to create enough room in the bathroom. You will need 30 inches of area, and the shower needs 30 by 30 inches or more. Moreover, the centerline can be at least 20 inches off the wall. It is better to avoid jamming many things into the bathroom, as you can store other accessories in your room/.


  • Overlap the space smartly


Overlapping reduces challenges such as space crunch, and it would be wise to overlap the clearance. You may double the floor space for the entrance to the tub as it clears the floor space near the toilet.


  • Keep the design open


Keep the design open while maintaining privacy. You can install a partial wall in the bathroom to separate different areas such as the toilet, shower, and tubs. The partial wall creates privacy without feeling suffocated.


  • Make the bathroom inclusive


An inclusive bathroom creates room for a family who uses wheelchairs. An inclusive bathroom has at least 5 feet of the open floor, allowing the wheelchair to turn quickly. If you live with an older person, you can install grab bars to increase comfort in the bathroom.


Final Thoughts


A stylish bathroom meets your needs and can create a personality. If you enjoy minimalistic spaces, you can go for geometric designs and neutral colors. However, you can choose the designs and colors that bring your personality without a minimalistic design. It is better to consider the people who will use the bathroom and make it inclusive for those with disabilities or older adults. Good luck designing a stylish bathroom that meets your needs.

working out

The perfect combination of Apple Watch and Working Out

When it comes to workouts, the Apple Watch is a great tool. With over a million units sold, Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch on the market today. As a result, the wearable device market is flooded with bands, many of which are marketed as “sport bands.” Finding the perfect band, on the other hand, might be a real challenge. Fortunately, there are numerous choices available. You can wear a sweat-friendly sports band when working out. Check here Apple watch bands that are best for working out.


1. Apple Sport Loop


Apple Sport Loop bands are comfortable to wear because of their blend of softness, breathability, and lightness. A double-layer nylon weave contains dense loops on the bottom side of the bands with a hook-and-loop closure to provide additional cushioning. Moisture can also escape through this opening. There are regular versions of this band, just like with other government-sponsored groups.

2. Apple Sport Band


Sport bands from Apple’s Cupertino headquarters are as ancient as the Apple Watch. The band is sturdy and long-lasting despite being made of a soft fluoroelastomer. Wearables have M/L and L/XL sizing options so you can get the right fit. It’s possible to get this official band in both regular and holiday colors.


3. Jumping Single Tour Band


The fashionable leaping single tour watch band features breathable fabric and can be washed when it becomes filthy, so you can show off your active side in style. Wearing something as light and comfortable feels great, and it’s also good for your skin. This Apple Watch sports band buckle secures your Apple Watch to the interface perfectly and prevents it from sliding out or slipping off your wrist. This handy design makes it possible to wear this light item for long periods without feeling fatigued.


Apple Watch and Working Out


4. AdMaster Compatible Apple Watch Band


This third-party Nike Sport Band from AdMaster comes in a variety of hues, including midnight blue/vintage rose, red/black, hot pink, and many more, much like the official Nike Sport Band. The silicone band has a stainless-steel buckle and is hypoallergenic.


5. IYOU Sport Band


This sport band comes in a variety of colors and sizes and has hypoallergenic stainless-steel lugs on both ends that are free of nickel. The band is composed of silicone, which is soft to the touch but also long-lasting. Bundles come with a variety of bands in varying shades of blue. Both ends of the band have your watch lugs, so it fits perfectly and firmly on your watch band interface.


Installation is simple, and removing it is as simple as pressing a button. A neat fit is guaranteed with an in-move pin-and-tuck fastening. For a sporty style, use soft silicone with a smooth finish. It’s both cozy and long-lasting.


6. Nike Style Sport Band


Your athletic lifestyle will look great with this Nike-inspired sport iWatch band. This Apple Watch strap is made of silicone, so it’s both robust and breathable, making it perfect for working out. The lightweight, soft-yet-sturdy construction does more than just keep you comfortable.


The pin-and-tuck fastening keeps it on your wrist during strenuous activities like lifting weights and sprinting without slipping off—even in humid weather! It also increases ventilation to keep you cool while working out. These sports straps are made even more comfortable with a hypoallergenic metal buckle made of nickel-free stainless steel that will never bother sensitive skin.




This Apple Watch band comes with a handy TPU case for protecting your genuine Apple Watch and is available in numerous color combinations. In terms of the band, it’s constructed of a strong, flexible, and light material. Sizes range from small to large to accommodate all iWatch models. This is a great Apple band for working out.


8. Double Buckle Silicone Band


This band is pleasant and easy to wear close to your wrist because it is made of high-quality silicone materials that are not detrimental to the skin. The built-in adaptor makes it simple to switch bands between the 38mm/40mm and 42mm/44mm models of the Apple Watch. These straps are ideal if you value individuality above all else, as they come in a variety of colors.

9. Great fine Sport Band


Here’s a fanciful option to ponder. High-performance soft silicone is used to make this comfortable and long-lasting band. Beautiful floral alternatives, like the Great fine Sport Band, give you a more feminine look when wearing your Apple Watch.

10. Tide Brand Printed Sport Band


It has watch lugs both on ends, which latch into the interface accurately and firmly, making it perfect for wearing with the Apple iWatch sport silicone rubber band. Durable and resilient, the new stainless adjustable pin-and-tuck clasp is easy to put on and take off when you need it. This is your perfect choice for an apple watch sport strap, so use it with confidence!